the court

Het Heilige Geest Hofje is located on the Paviljoensgracht 125 in the centre of The Hague. The court (het hofje) was founded in 1616 and is thereby the oldest "hofje" in The Hague. The court may be considered as one of the most beautiful of our country. It consists of four wings surrounding a garden. In 1616 the entrance of the "hofje" was open, in 1647 it was closed by a gate building. In this gate building on the first floor you find the Trustee's Room, where on a regular basis meetings of the Board of the Foundation (College van Regenten) take place.

In the garden of the Hofje you find the oldest pear tree in the Netherlands. This yat pear, planted in 1647, is the first cultivated pear tree. The tree is of great cultural and historical value. Major maintenance occurred in 2013, which was made possible by a donation of Nationale-Nederlanden to the Bomenstichting. 

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