Heritage Day 2017

The second weekend of September it was Open Monumentendag (Heritage Day) again.
The theme this year was: Farmers, Citizens, Country People.

Our "Hofje" (Almscourt) was opened to the public only on Saturday the 9th of September
from 10:00 AM till 17:00 PM

In the Trustee's Room, above the gate, members of the Board were present to tell those interested
about the origins and history of our Almsourt.

In addition to our terrace in the garden where, like every year, you could enjoy
a cup of coffee or tea with apple pie,
the music was provided by

Bosz de Kler
musician and artist from The Hague

Bosz is a nationally and internationally well known accordionist.
His career started in the Paris Metro, he performed amongst other things at the Crossing Border Festival
and with the famous comedian Youp van 't Hek.

His repertoire consists of a cheerful mix of Folk, Rhythm and Blues and Jazz


The beekeepers John and Joke Roos of Beekeeping Johanna from Voorburg
gave information about keeping bees. Of course they brought along honey from the harvest of this year,
in addition to other nice presents like soap and jams.


The Brothers of St. John manage the Willibrordushuis, located in the Hofkwartier, Oude Molstraat 37
 in the Centre of The Hague

Broeders van Sint Jan

Brother Benedict Joseph gladly informed those interested about the activities they organize
for young and old, there were also products for sale from their Monastic Store, located
next to the Willibrordushuis, including their famous monestary beer, Haagse Broeder - Prior.


The gardeners of Henri de Jong Hoveniers, who maintain our garden, did a great job.
The garden is getting more beautiful every year.
Denise, Sam, Yussel, Mitch, Mike, Philip, Max, André and Michael, thank you very much!


We thank the City of The Hague for its financial support.
And of course Bosz, Joke and John, brother Benedict Joseph and all the visitors and volunteers.
See you next year!